GX96 Timer not working

The screen is blank. My Towel Dryer Timer won't turn on.

The manufacturer of the timer has advised us on the issue of a blank screen which can be an inherent problem of a digital timer versus actually being a defective unit. The timer needs to be reset, via the steps below.

There is a small hole under the display which needs reset after power failure. To reset it a person merely takes a paper clip or a toothpick to push it in through the hole to reset the display. The probe needs to be no bigger than a paperclip as it will not pass through the hole. Note: a ballpoint pen is usually too big to push in through the hole and thus will not reset it. A paper clip or toothpick will reset it.

Secondly, if the power has been off for an extended amount of time, the internal battery will go dead and once the power comes back on and is charging the internal battery for about 15 to 20 minutes, the timer is ready to be reset once the internal battery has recharged.