Heating Element Position

Which side will my heating element be on? Can I change that?

Standard position element is:

Cadiz: Left Hand Only

Lioni: Left Hand Only

*Please be advised that the unit can be flipped and installed upside down to have the element on the top-right with the vertical bars on the opposite side. 

All Other Warmers: Right hand
Opposite hand can be specified at time of order.

For changing the heating element on site, this must be done before the towel warmer is installed on the wall. An additional 1/2" threaded blank plug will be needed.

1) Turn the unit upside down as it is fluid filled

2) Using an adjustable wrench, remove the heating element

3) Insert the 1/2" blank plug and tighten

4) Turn the unit onto the other end, identify the side you'd like the heating element to be on, and using a 5/16" allen key remove the existing plug.

5) Insert the heating element in it's place and tighten with adjustable wrench.

6) Turn it back over and if desired, replace the 1/2" blank plug with the plug removed from the bottom side.