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Free Standing Tub Filler Cartridge Removal

F502-3-1 Opera Free Standing Tub Filler

Here is a video showing how to remove the cartridge, below is the parts breakdown that we reference.  How To Remove Cartridge From Free Standing Tub Filler

The steps are as follows. 
1) Turn off your water to the tub filler

2) Use your hand to unscrew #12

3) Use a small allen wrench to unscrew #11

4) #10 will be loose and just fall off 

5) Remove the dress ring by unscrewing it (#13) 

6) On the cartridge you will see the gray temperature  limiting ring 

7) Use a wrench on #14 to unscrew and remove the brass nut 

8) Remove the cartridge and replace with new one 

9) If simply removing the temp limiting ring, do so at this point

10) Re assemble the fixture 

11) Turn the water back on and test. 

parts breakdown