Installing A New Heating Element

 To replace it please remove the unit from the wall and turn it on it's side so that the wire is facing up.  You can then unscrew the old element and insert the new.  The unit must be placed with the wire facing up as it is a fluid filled unit and the fluid will leak out if this is not done.


1. Slacken the upper bracket adjusting screws and remove the lower bracket
adjusting screws.
2. Unscrew back plate from the wall; disconnect the wire cover elbow by
sliding if off the bottom of the towel warmer and out of the wall. (It may be
necessary to carefully pull the bottom of the towel warmer away from the
wall to do this).
3. Ensure that electricity is off and disconnect the wires.
4. The towel warmer can now be taken off the wall by removing the upper
bracket adjusting screws and pulling the towel warmer forward.
5. Turn the towel warmer UPSIDE DOWN.
6. Slide the back plate and elbow off the wire and then unscrew the original
element. Take care not to spill the heat transfer fluid.
7. Apply pipe thread tape or paste to the new element and screw it in tight,
using a wrench.
8. Remove the plug off the new element and feed the wire first through the
elbow and then through the back plate.
9. Reattach the towel warmer RIGHT WAY UP.
10.Reconnect the wires using wire nuts, again ensuring that the power is off.
11. Push the elbow onto the bottom of the new element and into the hole in
the back plate.
12. Lastly, attach the back plate to the wall and tighten the bracket adjusting


Here is a PDF version of the instructions if you wish to print them out.

Element Changing Instructions


Wanting to change which side the Heating element is on? Check out this article on how to successfully do that on site. 

Heating Element Position