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Free Standing Tub Filler Movement

Movement in Tub Filler After Installation

4 points to check to ensure rigid installation

  1.   The floor flange mounted onto the body.  The bolt heads should recess into the countersunk holes.
  2.     Where the flange on the body bolts to the flange on the in floor rough.  These surfaces should be flat metal to metal – ensure there are no restrictions from bolts heads etc
  3.    The lower flange on the in floor rough is threaded onto the body of the rough and secured in the correct orientation with 3 set screws from the underside. These are sealed in and there should be absolutely no movement between the lower flange and the in floor rough body
  4.     The floor substrate itself.  If this is not concrete, we always recommend at least 4” thick wood

A 1/16” movement at the base will transfer to a ½” movement at the top so everything needs to be very rigid.