Plug-In VS Hardwire

A few things to know about the Plug-In vs Hardwire Towel Dryers 


1) They both use the same heating element (with hardwire you simply cut off the plug and attach it to the wires in the wall instead of plugging it in) 

2) They both produce the same amount of heat. 

3) Plug-in versions of the towel dryer are cheaper. 

4)  Hardwired versions come with a  programmable timer

5) Hardwire units have less cord and thus look more symmetrical with your other bathroom fixtures.  

Installation will be one of the only times you will notice a difference in these units. Plug-In models are pretty self explanatory but Hardwired will take a bit more electrical knowledge. We recommend hiring a electrician to help with installation. Please refer to the manual posted under the model number on our website to read more about the installation process.