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Deck Mounted Tub Filler Leaking

F202ALT-8 Leaking Base

One thing to check is the basic installation of the spout. The connection leg should be installed in the spout before it is inserted through the counter/surface.  It appears that you could have been making the pipework connection to the leg before attaching to the spout.  This would likely not allow the leg to seal correctly and cause it to leak. If the holes are not 45 degrees it will disperse the water unevenly over the tub filler. To ensure this has been installed correctly, follow the steps and see attached pictures.

  1. Remove Tub Filler Stem
  2. Mark 45 degrees per following link Stem Marking
  3. Reinstall Stem assure marking perpendicular with the faucet body as per following link Correct Stem Positioning (Stem only needs to be hand tightened as it has an o-ring seal)
  4. Reattach water supply

Tub Filler incorrect postion

Tub Filler Correct Positioning